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Ever wondered what is the silver sparkling metal at the end of your cables or between your wires? Cable Lug Ever considered what is the silver sparking metal close to the completion of your connections / between wires ? Well, Its a Copper Lug. Copper lugs (cable lugs) are devices used for connecting cables to electrical appliances, other cables, surfaces, or mechanisms. The clamps that connect wires to an automotive battery are a common example of a copper lugs, as are the ends of battery jumper cables. Designed to be easily installed and removed for repairs or maintenance, copper lugs are generally used when permanent, direct-fastening methods are not feasible or necessary. Everything thought of it as a Cable Lug. Connection hauls are devices used for interfacing connections to electrical machines, various connection, surface, or framework. The support that interface wires to a vehicle battery are a run of the mill instance of connection haul, much the same as the terminations of battery jumper joins. Copper Lugs may be provided with safety covering to avoid shocks or protective covering to avoid damage to the copper lugs, cables, connectors and prevent short-circuit. Copper lugs are ideal for large gauge applications for power draw or grounding. Each copper lug can be either crimped or soldered to wire. The copper lug features a burr-free appearance for an aesthetically pleasing finish One end of the copper lug accommodates the cable using a soldering, welding or crimping method, depending on the type of lug. The other end of the copper lug is fastened to a matching terminal or connection point using a bolt, screw or spring clip. Cable Lug may be outfitted with security covering to avoid paralyzes or guarded covering to keep up a key separation from damage to the connection hauls & connectors . & stay away from cutting off.

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