Environmental Resopnsibility

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We implement an Environmental Management System certified (ISO 14001:2015) in all our production plants.

WATER: Generated water is recycled through effluent water treatment plant which helps to use the recycled water again in the manufacturing facility.

ENERGY: We take a lot of effort in seeing that energy is not wasted or unwisely used. We have installed extra capacitors to control the reactive & non-reactive power losses. Also, continuous training is given to production staff towards energy efficiency & savings.

AIR: Exhaust hot gases and zinc oxide are passed through chimneys & collected through bag houses. Zinc oxide is collected in bag house drums and oxide free gases are released, while zinc oxide ash is sold to government authorized processors.

OTHER WASTES: We have introduced and implemented Industrial Waste Management

We reap what we saw. At ISHITA , we believe firmly in giving clean environment the first priority. All our plans, policies and processes are first scrutinized for their impact on the environment and then put into practice. We strive to conserve and even enhance natural resources.

Our operations respect the environment and aim at the constant decrease of our environmental footprint. Meanwhile: We ensure that our business development is in compliance with responsibility to the environment and we seek to prevent pollution, to comply with the existing laws and regulations so as to improve at all times the performance of our Company in environmental management issues.

We make investments in new infrastructure, monitor our performance and implement environmental management programs aiming always at our improvement in this sector.

Environmental Resopnsibility

Respect for the environment and protecting nature are objectives of primary importance to us. Therefore, the Company has adopted a comprehensive environmental policy and is committed to ensure that its business development is environmentally responsible. As a practical demonstration of its commitment to rational environmental management and protecting the environment, ISHITA Implements a certified Environmental Management System in all its production plants,

ISHITA companies are committed to an environmentally responsible operation and product development, through ongoing investments in advanced technological solutions and continuous employee training. They apply the Best Available Techniques (BAT) to reduce their environmental footprint and promote the sustainable use of natural resources across their manufacturing operations.

Respect for the environment is a priority for ISHITA companies and ongoing efforts are made to continuously improve their environmental performance. This commitment is realised in everyday operations, through the application of advanced abatement systems and environmental monitoring that ensure compliance with all international and national standards. ISHITA companies achieve a high level of environmental performance by investing in new infrastructure, and the implementation of environmental management programmes by dedicated personnel ensuring systematic mitigation of any environmental risks related to their activities.

ISHITA companies are dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources by recycling materials across their manufacturing operations. They also strive to play a significant role in society, particularly in education, regarding the responsible use and recycling of materials in everyday life

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